Paypal Account Problem is Solved

After waiting for a long time (i mean --> feel like a long time), my paypal (PP) problem is solved. Just like written in this blog (read previous post about My Paypal Account is Limited) that my paypal account is limited since 6th Janury 2009. I feel sad, because without PP, my online business is dead. Of course, because you're all guys now that mostly online business is using PP as payment proccesor.

I'm not count it, but if i'm not wrong, 7-10 email to paypal is already sent. The final is about one week ago, i received paypal email like this :

Paypal decision to close your account is a final

That mail make me down, stress, and don't know what to do. Then i'm searching for the alternative, how to make another PP account. I find some alternative such making new paypal account using different data (i'm planning to use my sister data) or borrowing my friend account to receive or send money (of course, i will give my friend a commision because i'm using him account).

But, when i read and read paypal ToS, i find that i can make maximal 2 account since it's personal and one more account is premium/business. Because my limited account is premium account, i still have a right to make one personal account. And, because i don't want to againts paypal rules, i'm asking about this to PP customer service. And i'm received reply that i can make it.

Days after i received that email, i'm making new bank account and new email. That is preparation to make new account. Because new account is need different financial information and email address. Well, it's make me busy but since it's solve my paypal problem, then it's OK.

With the new paypal account, i will more careful. I'll not do transaction with unverified member and always make a note in every transaction.

Thanks for reading my experience about paypal :D


So, it's not because i do transaction with unverified member. But, it's because i do transaction with the member who have limitation problem in their paypal account also. It's transaction with Ganang and GerrySabar (

But still, paypal tell me to upload invoices and supllier contact info. I got a problem here, i never use any invoice as far as i do online business and i have no supllier. So i can't give them the required document.

It has been one week of my paypal limitation, and it's make me uncomfortable...

I'm already send an email to explain my problem, but using my bad english. Hopefully they will understand what i wanna say.

My paypal account is limited

Ow, my paypal account is limited. Maybe it's because i do transaction with unverified paypal account member. Yeah, a month ago, i buy e-book titled 2 Dollar Secret. And i'm not check that the seller is unverified account member.

I need to upload some file such :
- Photo ID
- Proof of address
- Bank Statement
- CC Statement

I hope my problem is solve immediately. Without paypal account, my online business mean dead :((

What is your 2009 target?

What is your 2009 target?
This is mine :
1. Buy a laptop, my budget is $700
2. Loss some weight and shape up my body :D

Need to effort to afford it, please pray for me. In the last 2009, i will make evaluation post, if the target is reached or no :D