It's hard to change blogger template

Last day, i got stressed because i can't change my blogger template. I wanna change it too modern one, but i got error message. Many people said that to change blogger template is so easy, you just need to download XML file, go to edit HTML, browse and upload. I'm already do that but it's error. I don't know why....

For some template, which have not too modern design, i can use it, it's easy to change my template to it. But for modern template, such WP premium theme for blogger, or some 3column modern template, i can't....It's always error.

So, i think people is wrong to said that change blogger template is easy. It's not simple like that....If it's simple, why i'm failed?

Anybody can help me?

Link exchange

Hi all, this site is opening for link exchange. Anybody who have blog with a same topic with this blog can link exchange with me. Well, this blog is not specific topic, this blog is about anything so your blog is must about anything also (blog with no specific topic). Just leave a comment here :D

Anyway, just wanna talking a bit about link exchange. Link exchange is a way to get link from other site to our site by placing other link in your site also. It's veru usefull to get PageRank. PageRank is google system which scoring the importance of the site, more PR is more good, that's mean your site is more important than the other.
But don't do link exhange with the site which have no same topic, because google will threat it as link farming/link spamming. Just play safe :D

Ok, all, that's a bit about link exchange, hopefully usefull and hopefully we can do link exchange :D

Starting From 20

Hi, all. Let me introduce myself, my name is akira07 and i live in Asia. My hobby is business online (but never success :p) and collecting japanese related stuff. Well, i make this blog in purpose to inspire, to inform, to share about anything especially my life. My english is not perfect but hopefully you will understand.

Why i choose from20[dot]blogspot? It's because i just reach my age of 20.
This blog is also available in indonesian languange :

Comment, suggestion, and critique is welcome....I need it :D
This is my first post, hopefully this blog will become popular and usefull someday. Thanks...!!!