Something Wrong Inside My Body

Since 1 week ago, i feel something wrong in my body inside. My assumption is in a lung or my heart. I can make sure, because i'm not a doctor. But i feel a bit hurt when i do deep breath. Maybe it's because prev.month i often sleep overnight because too ambitious on winning webmasterpeers contest? Or maybe because 1 week ago i go with my friend to mountain with motorcycle but wear no bold enough jacket? Maybe...

There is some habbit when feel something wrong. I'm always measure my heart beat. But it's become bit hard when i should do 2 activities, to count heart beat and to count a time. Maybe i need Heart Monitor, so i can measure it easily. Is normal or no. Also, i'm become do healthly-life style hehe...But i think i should do it for a long time. Since my body is so weak.

Hopefully there is nothing wrong inside my body. I just wanna you support and pray for me :D. Thanks...!!!!

Little chitchat about video format and player


Wow, video player technology nowadays is so awesome. Let's flashback in the past, when beta CD is so popular. Mostly people said that it's great technology. But some years after it, people find beta is just an old technology after their know about VCD. VCD gold era is ended until DVD format comes up. DVD format is played in the player called DVD player, which also avaialble to play VCD.

So, people have no reason to buy VCD player. On 2004-2005 people heard an info about Blu-Ray and HDDVD. Oh no, DVD is already good, but there is more good one? Even Bluray and HDDVD not beat the popularity of DVD yet (at least in my country), but day by day i'm sure it will. That's a case on conventional video player. How about mobile video player? The competition is not too tight here, but we're know the need for a mobile video player which able to play many format is a must. Let's say all of format video : mp4, 3gp, aac, wav, wmv, avi, mpg, mpeg, rm, mov. Is there any 1 mobile player which support all format? It's not excist yet. But i believe it will. Now, popular mobile video player mostly used is video player from handphone and mp4 player. I'm also use my Nokia6120Classic to play video and mp4 player to play mp4. I hope in the future, there is one compact mobile video player that can play all format.

Well, the main topic i wanna tell you from this content is, the video player technology moved so fast and we don't know what will happen on "video world" on 3-4 years or even 1 years next. Maybe there will be 4 dimension video? We never know about it.

My Contest Report on May 2009

Hi guyz, "it has been a while since my last post" is the most oftenly written in this blog right? Hehe, I try to not write it anymore. But yeah, sorry for late update. But, who care? Since there is no subscriber/traffic, it's no longer a problem.

On May, i have very busy day because i'm participate on some contest. The contest is webmasterpeers top point contest, globalchatforum top poster contest, and on cpateen random winner contest. I win 2 of it, on webmasterpeers and globalchatforum. It's earn me about $300. Quite good, right? On cpateen, i don't know why the winner is not announce yet. The contest already ended 10 days ago at 1 June 2009. Contest and site holder is guy named Tristangemus. The prize is $100. Hopefully that contest not just a scam because i'm sure i win, i'm collecting 70% from total entry.

This month i'm also participate on contest again. And my target for this month is to earn 1.5-2x bigger than prev.month ($300). That's why i'm looking and participate on so many contest. Some of contest i participated this month : 2nd contest Globalchatforum, OMF Forum Contest, and Cavegoat. I'm alrady count it and if i win all, i get about $500+ , wow awesome amount, right? All is just by simple contest.

Pray and support me. I swear if i win at least $350, i will hold interesting contest here. Thanks...!!!!