Top Poster Contest At Vuju Getting Hot

See this :

There is only competition between me and rhoula :D

Techtod contest is lie

Hi guys, actually i'm in busy day but i try to give important information about another scammer in web. To give information about scammer is important, so it's prevent us to get scammed in nest time.

Who is scammer that i mean?
It's techtod dot com ( sorry, i don't wanna give a link to them site :P).
Techtod at beginning november make a contest which the prize is cash and camera. The contest theme is "Digicamera Mania". But me and some of my friend find that this contest is all lies. Why?

This fact :
1. At previous contest, the winner said that their not receive any prize yet. I will not believe it if i hear it from someone which i don't know, but i hear about this from BM and ThemeLib who their are is trustworthy people. Both BM and themelib is winner of someprize at techtod contest, but didn't receive any prize yet.

2. At digicamera contest, there is some "unknown participant" which rapidly collect a point. It's strange, because their never comment at comment box and i never hear about them at another contest. Sorry guys, but i'm treasure hunter (contest lover) so i know many "familiar name" in a lot of contest. Name's like : sherry, pinkista, BM, navjotsingh, is familiar name. But the participant at techtod is unknown, i never hear about them. So, i think the techtod admin is make "fake participant".

I just wanna advice you're all to d0n't believe in any contest hold by techtod.

Alotofit is holding an interesting contest

Alotofit site is currently holding a contest, this following post is copy from him site :

Hello Guys! I am so happy to announce you that we released a new contest with great prizes! We are so glad that AlotOfIt reached PR 3 for 1 month! and making a great contest will increase our Page Rank! The Grand prize of this competition is $200! All the winners will be picked by using the random list generator at . Are you ready to see the full list of prizes?

Here are the prizes to win:

1st Placer:

$200 Cash Prize! (Payment is only made by PayPal)

2nd Placer:

1 Month 468X60 banner advertising!

3rd Placer:

1 Month 125X125 banner advertising!

So How Do I Enter the Competition?

There are 5 ways to gain entries! the more you do the more chances of winning! Don’t panic! if you want to focus on doing only one of the choices then do it!

1st: Subscribe to Via RSS

“The person who already subscribed before can still receive their Entries For this Competition”

By doing this you will earn 10 entries into the draw to win!

2nd: Subscribe to Via Mail by clicking Here!

“I Promise that I will never spam or show to others your e-mail.. I Just want you to know if there is something new to the blog”

By doing this you will earn 10 entries into the draw to win!

3rd: Blog About this Contest

“Just copy this contest information and post it to your blog and Then leave a comment on this blog post with the link for us to see. 10 Entries

By doing this you will earn 20 entries into the draw to win!

4th: Comment on this blog

“Comment on this blog No Limit (Just Don’t Spam)

By doing this you will earn 1 entry per every post you make!

5th:Social Bookmarking

5 Entries - Stumble and Review this Contest Then leave a comment on this blog post with the Username you used for us to see.

5 Entries - Digg This Contest Then leave a comment on this blog post with the Username you used for us to see.

5 Entries - Favorite Alotofit Then leave a comment on this blog post with the Username you used for us to see

5 Entries - Vote In Mix Then leave a comment on this blog post with the Username you used for us to see

So that’s it! You Have the full info! So what are you doing now?! Stop lurking and start gaining entries now!

Deadline: The Contest will end when the winner is announced on November 10, 2008

Win 2nd prize at sitetalkzone contest

Sitetalkzone, at october, is held a contest which the 1st prize is $250 and for the 2nd place is hosting, banner, and domain. What all you need to win is just collect point. A people who have mostly point collected, win. Well, contest result is already announced at 2 November.

And i'm not win the 1st prize. What makes me shock is there is only 25 point different (or equal to 5x posting in STZ, 1 posting = 2 point). But it's OK since as 2nd winner, there still a prize. Swastik (forum owner) gimme 2 domain, lifetime hosting, and banner 125x125 for 1 month at STZ (you can see my bad banner design is already placed at STZ homepage :P).

In next contest, i will try my best and i hope this case is not happen 2 times. Because i think what make me lose in this STZ contest is because i'm lazy to posting and collect point.
Anyway, if you have contest information you can give me information. :D

Changing Blogger Template Problem and Solution

In previous article, i said that it's hardto change my blogger template. Now, i can change it. The problem is on browser. If i'm using firefox, i get error message an i'm trying to change my template by using IE browser. When i use IE, i do same thing like before :

- download XML file from blogger template site
- go to blogger dashboard, select a blog
- layout and then click "edit html" tag
- browse your XML and then upload it
- done :D

So, if you get error in changing template, then just try to use another browser.

Well, i'm planning on changing this blog theme also, just wait for it.

Familiar name in contest

I'm contest lover, trying to earning vy participating at many contest. You can call me as treasure hunter. Well, but i'll not discussing about "how to earn from contest" or something like that, i wanna tell you about side-story in participating on contest.

Contest is also makes me know many people outside there. And the funny thing is, wherever i go to participating in contest, there is always people that i know before, yeah, their also participating in previous contest which i've participate.

The name like BM, Sherry, Dhadha, Navjotsingh, is familiar for me. I'm go to contest A, their are is also there, contest B, it's same, contest C, it's same. Haha, it's sound that we're all contest lover....!!!!

Let's make treasure hunter group then :D