I want to become SixPack

Have a sixpack stomach is a dream of many man in the world. But we know, stomach is most hardest body part to be trained. If we want to be a sixpack, usually we will get advice from the other like this : "You should go to gym". Yes, i know, by training at gym i can use many tools to help reaching my sixpack dream. But i have no time and moreover, training at gym is not free, we should pay for it.

So, how to reach sixpack? Just for information, i want to be sixpack and i'm in way to reach it. What i do right now? I make routine activity (but not in a fixed time) :
1. Sit-up about minimum 100x per day
2. Decrease my fat consumption
3. Drink suplemen, it's called L-men (local suplemen)

Hard time is coming, usually i'm eating about 7 plate per day but now i decrease it to only 3-4 plate. Usually i'm not doing sit-up, now i do it. Usually i have no extra cost to buy suplemen, now i should budget it (suplemen price is $2.5 and it's for 1 week).
I believe i can reach my sixpack stomach in 3-4 month from now.

I'm alone here...

I'm feel alone here...
There is a lot of people here...
My friend, family, and crowd in the road, but still..
Feel alone, feel silent...

@All :
I'm in a bit stress right now, because some problem (which every insane may feel it)
Just pray for me, and it's help :D