Let's turn off the lamp... !!!! EARTH HOUR 2009


Just wanna inform you, something very important :

Today at 08.30 until 9.30 PM, let's we turn off our lamp. It's all to save our earth. With doing that, you're already help world to save itself :D. This program called EARTH HOUR 2009.

Just one hour, for a lot of positive effect...!!!!

Official ads of earth hour 2009 :

I just notice my PR is dropped...


Wew, i just noticed my Google PR is dropped from 1 to no PR available. How this can be happen? If it's dropped, why it's not dropped to PR0 but become "No PR Information Available"? Hmm, what should i do? Well, maybe it's because i'm lazy to update and searching link for my blog :(.

Short post while busy :D

Hi all, it's has been a while. What i do right now which make this blog is contain no new post for a long time?
Well, searching money and college task is two main reason. I have busy day, tight schedule, to finish all of my college task.
Reason no.2 is about searching money. Yeah, i'm searching for money from internet. What kind of internet business i do?

I can't said that is a business, because it's not a business but still earn me a money. It's from participated in contest.
As you know, i'm treasure hunter and my main income is from joining contest. I'm still do it and i think i will do it for a long time since this way to earn $$ is easiest way. And, what contest i'm into now?

- Top poster at bestmusicforum
- Techxav drawing contest
- Pic upload contest
- planning to join viprapid contest

Just for information , last month i win about $150 and now my target for march is $200. Need some effort and time spended.
Hopefully i win...!!!!

About my sixpack target (update...)

Some of previous post is about my target of being sixpack. How to progress? After do exercise by sit-up and push-up minimum 50times per day and drinking suplement, my weigh is decreased from 65 to 63. This is one good progress, right?
Another progress is my sister said my hand-muscle is seen more clearly right now. But she said this with laughing, she don't believe my muscle is so big right now hahaha...!!!!

About my belly size? Of course it's decreased, it's not like a ballon anymore but still onepack. Still many exercise to go to reach sixpack belly form. Wait for my another update. Hopefully i can add update complete with photo of my belly :P

BMW Cars is cool...!!!

BMW cars is cool, right? I'm thiking about this after i see many good and elegant design of BMW cars on BMWcoop.com. This site contain complete info about BMW complete with the picture.
I'm just thinking of buying BMW someday but i have no meny yet :( . I'll try to reach my dream someday, but for now, i'm should satisfied enough by just only seeing BMW piture :P.
Do you want to buy BMW cars also? What series do you want to buy? Just click url above for BMW all about.