July Contest Participation

Huff...I'm participate on many contest in this month, that's why i can't update this blog frequently. This is some contest which take my time and effort :

- My First Online Experience writing contest
- Alnect Review Contest
- RYL Asus EEE PC Contest
- YFS Cash Contest
- Indoforum Guide Writing Contest
- etc...

This month i'm participating on 10-15 contest. Some of them is ended as scam and some ended because there is no participant.
My job become treasure hunter (my way to call contest-lover) is so interesting even it's sometime i'm sad because lose, being scammed, and take a lot of my sleeping time. This month my target is not too big, only $100-$200. But for august, i'm planning to make $500 from participating in many contest and giveaway.

I'm also wanna inform to you guys that i'm alredy make new blog about contest and giveaway :
For you who wanna try to participating in a contest/giveaway, why not to open that blog and find information about it?

Thanks for reading, i should make 10-15 comment on top commentator competition in 1 blog called SmartzBlogger. Bye...

I'm participating on ReviveYourLife Contest

Revive Your Life site currently hold very interesting contest. Because the prize is laptop. Yes, for the winner, RYL will give Asus Eee

PC Netbook with Intel Celeron Processor. So interesting...!!!

What makes this contest more interesting is, to participate is easy. You required to subscribed to RYL and then your participated,

Wanna get bigger chance to win? Then you can do blog post, commenting, etc....

The detail are here :

I'm participating on YourFreeSurveys Contest

Hi all, YourFreeSurveys blog currently holding interesting contest and i'm participate. Now i wanna inform you. This is the prize :

1 $75 prize
1 $50 prizes
3 $25 prizes
5 $10 prizes
10 $5 prizes

Yes, worth $300 to be won....!!!!

All you need to participate is just subscribe, make a blog post, digg, post in their forum, etc. It's so easy, so you have no reason to not participate :P.

For detail about the contest, you can read it here :