July Contest Participation

Huff...I'm participate on many contest in this month, that's why i can't update this blog frequently. This is some contest which take my time and effort :

- My First Online Experience writing contest
- Alnect Review Contest
- RYL Asus EEE PC Contest
- YFS Cash Contest
- Indoforum Guide Writing Contest
- etc...

This month i'm participating on 10-15 contest. Some of them is ended as scam and some ended because there is no participant.
My job become treasure hunter (my way to call contest-lover) is so interesting even it's sometime i'm sad because lose, being scammed, and take a lot of my sleeping time. This month my target is not too big, only $100-$200. But for august, i'm planning to make $500 from participating in many contest and giveaway.

I'm also wanna inform to you guys that i'm alredy make new blog about contest and giveaway :
For you who wanna try to participating in a contest/giveaway, why not to open that blog and find information about it?

Thanks for reading, i should make 10-15 comment on top commentator competition in 1 blog called SmartzBlogger. Bye...