My Resolution for 2010

Here we comes with my resolution for 2010. Yeah, the year 2010 is nearly come and i need to make target for that year. Without target, life is seem like have no color, no direction, not interesting, which mean so boring.

Before state my 2010 resolution, i wanna say that my resolution for 2009 seem too ambitious and too much. As result, i can say none of resolution point is done successfuly (I'm used to make at least 5 resolution point per year). So, i need to consider many things before making 2010 resolution.

With all consideration, this is my 2010 resolution :

1. Increasing my guitar skill. Learn at least one new arpeggio song every 3 month is a must do things...!!!
2. Establish 2 new blog and make it at least PR2 in the end of 2010
3. The last balance on my back account should be at least :,00 (Sorry but it's not approrpiate for people to publish their personal finance target)
4. Shape my body, six pack (at least, four pack)...!!!
5. Reduce sin by do many kind things :P

All point above is my temporary resolution. Haha, it's because this article created to finish my promise to some of my friend on Smartbloggerz blog. I make this article so quick :P. And because it's temporary, resolution may be changed in the future (but i make a limit, the fixed resolution should be published max at 15 January 2009).

Quick report - My Smartbloggerz Commenting Idol 2 Participation

Commenting contest is always interesting kind of competition since it's simple and easy. All you need to do is just make new comment or replying other comment to get point. A people who make the most of comment in a contest period will win a prize. And now, i want to share experience of my SmartBloggerz Commenting Idol 2 participation. Interesting is one word which can describe all what i feel after 14 days struggling to keep my position as #1 on list. Yes, there is many experience that i feel in this competition. A new friend, a tough competitor, read useful article, make and receive a critique, heartbeating when seeing the top commentator list, etc...All is in one contest :)

Start from 6th day, the tough competition is begin. There is a commentator named Senthil Ramesh which bombing the blog with a lot of comment. Day by day, he make more comment and now he is on #2 position. If on commenting idol 1, 90 comment is enough to be a winner, now it's no longer enough. Ninety comment should be created every 1-2 day to keep my position safe. Yeah, in order to realize it, i sacrify sleeping time from 5 to 4 hour everyday. Now, on 14th day, there is more tough competitors such Deepika and Jenn. It's tiring but interesting. I'm sure 2000+ comment already collected by Typhoon (Smartbloggerz admin). And maybe because that reason, he is closing some comment form for certain article. I think this achivement is the new record on the internet history...!!! Well, commenting on Smartbloggerz is not only for a chance of winning prize. It also giving me a lot of benefit such get link, friend, knowledge, and many more.

Now, i need to wait and effort for next 16th day. Can i hold it? I'm sure i can, since i'm aim for the first prize. And just for information, there is a contest beside top commentator contest. It's best promoter and best commentator contest, the prize is also interesting (cash + sponsor prize). Just take a look and make sure you're participate. I hope you're competing on top commentator contest also. Thanks...!!!

Make or Break - Website Review

First impression : Don’t know why there is a lot of blog which using different blog name with it headtitle. It’s OK, not too many problem for me, but don’t know for the other. First impression of this blog is blog about working mom/carrier woman (I’m seeing the pic of girl on working haha…). Oh, I’m right, I see the tagline of this blog “Living the life of a full time mom, part time worrier).

Blog design : Deep green, deep brown, and light brown is colored this blog. Using 3 column template where the article place on left side of screen. No problem at all. But if I can advice, since the blog is seem to static/silent, please place some gif animation, or use animated mouse pointer.

Activity review : Love the activity. I’m should say that this blog is an example about what all blogger need to do, it’s updated daily :D. So, I can’t comment too much. Just see, on 2009, there is already 400+ article, what a great amount…!!! Two thumbs up.

Content review : It’s all about world of the life of this blog creator. No offense about it. Also with another blog about personal life, it’s their world and their point of view. So, I can’t opine too much of the content section.

Score : 7.3/10

To see the blog, click this url : Make or Break

5 W + 1 H of Offers4Freee Contest

What? Offers4freee Contest - Prize is so interesting, total for 7 Winner
Where? Offers4freee Contest Page
When? Now until 30th November 2009
Who? For anyone :D
Why? Unknown...This is 1st contest on O4F Blog
How? Subscribe, Blog Post, Social Networking/Bookmarking

Plan for 2010 : More Active


I know i'm unactive in blogging, i know there is rarely update comes to this blog, and i know that's all which cause this blog is unpopular and not success.

Well, generally my problem can be categorized in this :
1. Blogger block (I just lazy...)
2. My english languange

I'm not going to explain per point since i'm sure you understand about it. Well, it's unneccesary to regret, but the most important thing is just change my habit an increase my english skill.

I'm planning to be more active and seriously jump into blog word on 2010, because i have so many free time in that year. I need planning, concept, and preparation to make a powerfull blog. What i need to do now is :
1. Read a lot of motivational book, to break my blogger block
2. Learn WP, i know this blog platform is not enough
3. Take an english class to increase my skill
4. Increase my general knowledge
5. Looking for your support

Just wait for 2010, i will announce my new blog.
The interesting part is, there will be monthly contest. So, just wait...!!!
Thanks :D

Keyword Examiner Short Review and Contest Information

Take too long time in doing manual keyword research? You doubtful about the keyword research? Or you're using SEO tool to do it but the price is so expensive? Maybe you just didn't notice about Keyword Examiner.

Based on hubpages review :

Keyword Examiner is a keyword research and analysis tool for organic SEO, automating the analysis to save huge amounts of time. It costs $29.95 per month, with no tie-in period.

Look, the price is so affordable. How's about the feature? Ok, i'm copying from it official site :

Keyword Examiner offers three measures of competitiveness, more than any other keyword research tool on the market:

  • - Exact Match: The keyword or phrase appearing in the content of the page
  • - In Title: The keyword appearing in the title tag of the page
  • - In Anchor: The keyword appearing in the anchor (link) text pointing to the page

Another keyword tool, based on my experience, have not that three feature. So, this is an advantage of using keyword examiner.

You can try it for free before you decide to subscribe on there. For detail just go the their official page on :

Ok, now is more interesting about keywordexaminer. You can get a chance to win $50 and lifetime subscribsion to their tool by make a review about them. Deadline is nearly come, so you need to be hurry. Detail go here : Keyword Examiner Contest

SuperSway Blog Review


Hi all, after busy with my activity, i spend a little time just to reviewing SuperSway. SuperSway is internet marketing blog which write about tips, trick, and experience on doing money making online. I know the owner since 2008 and he is a great person. He's experienced on MMO and expert on flipping site business. That's why i believe content on SuperSway is high quality.

I'll not talk about the design since it's not become critical factor of getting traffic. The critical factor is a content. And about the content, Supersway provide great article which explained with simple word, so even newbie can understand. For example is when that blog write about flipping niche site which explained step by step. ANother great article is about 51 ways to get traffic, i love this post since it's make my knowledge about "how to get traffic" is increased. I can't say too much opinion about other article, because it's already good.

Another part is about opening-speed. Page by page on supersway can be generated so fast, even with dial up connection, this is good. The comment system have no moderation activated, and i love this. It's because in some blog, i find my comment is not shown in 1-2 days or even 1 week, maybe the owner of the blog is forget to moderate comment and i think it's so annoying.

My overall opinion for supersway is : eight from ten STARS (8/10). Update ; (5/10)

UPDATE : Too bad this contest is have lack of transparency. I'm sure i win but i lose...If you want detail, just contact me...

My Vacation to Pangandaran



July Contest Participation

Huff...I'm participate on many contest in this month, that's why i can't update this blog frequently. This is some contest which take my time and effort :

- My First Online Experience writing contest
- Alnect Review Contest
- RYL Asus EEE PC Contest
- YFS Cash Contest
- Indoforum Guide Writing Contest
- etc...

This month i'm participating on 10-15 contest. Some of them is ended as scam and some ended because there is no participant.
My job become treasure hunter (my way to call contest-lover) is so interesting even it's sometime i'm sad because lose, being scammed, and take a lot of my sleeping time. This month my target is not too big, only $100-$200. But for august, i'm planning to make $500 from participating in many contest and giveaway.

I'm also wanna inform to you guys that i'm alredy make new blog about contest and giveaway :
For you who wanna try to participating in a contest/giveaway, why not to open that blog and find information about it?

Thanks for reading, i should make 10-15 comment on top commentator competition in 1 blog called SmartzBlogger. Bye...

I'm participating on ReviveYourLife Contest

Revive Your Life site currently hold very interesting contest. Because the prize is laptop. Yes, for the winner, RYL will give Asus Eee

PC Netbook with Intel Celeron Processor. So interesting...!!!

What makes this contest more interesting is, to participate is easy. You required to subscribed to RYL and then your participated,

Wanna get bigger chance to win? Then you can do blog post, commenting, etc....

The detail are here :

I'm participating on YourFreeSurveys Contest

Hi all, YourFreeSurveys blog currently holding interesting contest and i'm participate. Now i wanna inform you. This is the prize :

1 $75 prize
1 $50 prizes
3 $25 prizes
5 $10 prizes
10 $5 prizes

Yes, worth $300 to be won....!!!!

All you need to participate is just subscribe, make a blog post, digg, post in their forum, etc. It's so easy, so you have no reason to not participate :P.

For detail about the contest, you can read it here :

Something Wrong Inside My Body

Since 1 week ago, i feel something wrong in my body inside. My assumption is in a lung or my heart. I can make sure, because i'm not a doctor. But i feel a bit hurt when i do deep breath. Maybe it's because prev.month i often sleep overnight because too ambitious on winning webmasterpeers contest? Or maybe because 1 week ago i go with my friend to mountain with motorcycle but wear no bold enough jacket? Maybe...

There is some habbit when feel something wrong. I'm always measure my heart beat. But it's become bit hard when i should do 2 activities, to count heart beat and to count a time. Maybe i need Heart Monitor, so i can measure it easily. Is normal or no. Also, i'm become do healthly-life style hehe...But i think i should do it for a long time. Since my body is so weak.

Hopefully there is nothing wrong inside my body. I just wanna you support and pray for me :D. Thanks...!!!!

Little chitchat about video format and player


Wow, video player technology nowadays is so awesome. Let's flashback in the past, when beta CD is so popular. Mostly people said that it's great technology. But some years after it, people find beta is just an old technology after their know about VCD. VCD gold era is ended until DVD format comes up. DVD format is played in the player called DVD player, which also avaialble to play VCD.

So, people have no reason to buy VCD player. On 2004-2005 people heard an info about Blu-Ray and HDDVD. Oh no, DVD is already good, but there is more good one? Even Bluray and HDDVD not beat the popularity of DVD yet (at least in my country), but day by day i'm sure it will. That's a case on conventional video player. How about mobile video player? The competition is not too tight here, but we're know the need for a mobile video player which able to play many format is a must. Let's say all of format video : mp4, 3gp, aac, wav, wmv, avi, mpg, mpeg, rm, mov. Is there any 1 mobile player which support all format? It's not excist yet. But i believe it will. Now, popular mobile video player mostly used is video player from handphone and mp4 player. I'm also use my Nokia6120Classic to play video and mp4 player to play mp4. I hope in the future, there is one compact mobile video player that can play all format.

Well, the main topic i wanna tell you from this content is, the video player technology moved so fast and we don't know what will happen on "video world" on 3-4 years or even 1 years next. Maybe there will be 4 dimension video? We never know about it.

My Contest Report on May 2009

Hi guyz, "it has been a while since my last post" is the most oftenly written in this blog right? Hehe, I try to not write it anymore. But yeah, sorry for late update. But, who care? Since there is no subscriber/traffic, it's no longer a problem.

On May, i have very busy day because i'm participate on some contest. The contest is webmasterpeers top point contest, globalchatforum top poster contest, and on cpateen random winner contest. I win 2 of it, on webmasterpeers and globalchatforum. It's earn me about $300. Quite good, right? On cpateen, i don't know why the winner is not announce yet. The contest already ended 10 days ago at 1 June 2009. Contest and site holder is guy named Tristangemus. The prize is $100. Hopefully that contest not just a scam because i'm sure i win, i'm collecting 70% from total entry.

This month i'm also participate on contest again. And my target for this month is to earn 1.5-2x bigger than prev.month ($300). That's why i'm looking and participate on so many contest. Some of contest i participated this month : 2nd contest Globalchatforum, OMF Forum Contest, and Cavegoat. I'm alrady count it and if i win all, i get about $500+ , wow awesome amount, right? All is just by simple contest.

Pray and support me. I swear if i win at least $350, i will hold interesting contest here. Thanks...!!!!

Tristangemus $100 Contest

Hi, all it has been a while. Quite busy here, by working on MMO and become treasure hunter. Yeah, i'm participate in many contest, also with the contest which created by Tristangemus on CPA Teen - Learn how to earn using CPA!.

That blog currently hold a contest which the prize is worth of $100 and there is also a 2nd prize. All you need to participate in this drawing-based contest is to comments, do blog posting, etc...Easy right? It's almost deadline, so just check it out on : CONTEST PAGE

See you there...!!!

Let's turn off the lamp... !!!! EARTH HOUR 2009


Just wanna inform you, something very important :

Today at 08.30 until 9.30 PM, let's we turn off our lamp. It's all to save our earth. With doing that, you're already help world to save itself :D. This program called EARTH HOUR 2009.

Just one hour, for a lot of positive effect...!!!!

Official ads of earth hour 2009 :

I just notice my PR is dropped...


Wew, i just noticed my Google PR is dropped from 1 to no PR available. How this can be happen? If it's dropped, why it's not dropped to PR0 but become "No PR Information Available"? Hmm, what should i do? Well, maybe it's because i'm lazy to update and searching link for my blog :(.

Short post while busy :D

Hi all, it's has been a while. What i do right now which make this blog is contain no new post for a long time?
Well, searching money and college task is two main reason. I have busy day, tight schedule, to finish all of my college task.
Reason no.2 is about searching money. Yeah, i'm searching for money from internet. What kind of internet business i do?

I can't said that is a business, because it's not a business but still earn me a money. It's from participated in contest.
As you know, i'm treasure hunter and my main income is from joining contest. I'm still do it and i think i will do it for a long time since this way to earn $$ is easiest way. And, what contest i'm into now?

- Top poster at bestmusicforum
- Techxav drawing contest
- Pic upload contest
- planning to join viprapid contest

Just for information , last month i win about $150 and now my target for march is $200. Need some effort and time spended.
Hopefully i win...!!!!

About my sixpack target (update...)

Some of previous post is about my target of being sixpack. How to progress? After do exercise by sit-up and push-up minimum 50times per day and drinking suplement, my weigh is decreased from 65 to 63. This is one good progress, right?
Another progress is my sister said my hand-muscle is seen more clearly right now. But she said this with laughing, she don't believe my muscle is so big right now hahaha...!!!!

About my belly size? Of course it's decreased, it's not like a ballon anymore but still onepack. Still many exercise to go to reach sixpack belly form. Wait for my another update. Hopefully i can add update complete with photo of my belly :P

BMW Cars is cool...!!!

BMW cars is cool, right? I'm thiking about this after i see many good and elegant design of BMW cars on This site contain complete info about BMW complete with the picture.
I'm just thinking of buying BMW someday but i have no meny yet :( . I'll try to reach my dream someday, but for now, i'm should satisfied enough by just only seeing BMW piture :P.
Do you want to buy BMW cars also? What series do you want to buy? Just click url above for BMW all about.

I want to become SixPack

Have a sixpack stomach is a dream of many man in the world. But we know, stomach is most hardest body part to be trained. If we want to be a sixpack, usually we will get advice from the other like this : "You should go to gym". Yes, i know, by training at gym i can use many tools to help reaching my sixpack dream. But i have no time and moreover, training at gym is not free, we should pay for it.

So, how to reach sixpack? Just for information, i want to be sixpack and i'm in way to reach it. What i do right now? I make routine activity (but not in a fixed time) :
1. Sit-up about minimum 100x per day
2. Decrease my fat consumption
3. Drink suplemen, it's called L-men (local suplemen)

Hard time is coming, usually i'm eating about 7 plate per day but now i decrease it to only 3-4 plate. Usually i'm not doing sit-up, now i do it. Usually i have no extra cost to buy suplemen, now i should budget it (suplemen price is $2.5 and it's for 1 week).
I believe i can reach my sixpack stomach in 3-4 month from now.

I'm alone here...

I'm feel alone here...
There is a lot of people here...
My friend, family, and crowd in the road, but still..
Feel alone, feel silent...

@All :
I'm in a bit stress right now, because some problem (which every insane may feel it)
Just pray for me, and it's help :D

Paypal Account Problem is Solved

After waiting for a long time (i mean --> feel like a long time), my paypal (PP) problem is solved. Just like written in this blog (read previous post about My Paypal Account is Limited) that my paypal account is limited since 6th Janury 2009. I feel sad, because without PP, my online business is dead. Of course, because you're all guys now that mostly online business is using PP as payment proccesor.

I'm not count it, but if i'm not wrong, 7-10 email to paypal is already sent. The final is about one week ago, i received paypal email like this :

Paypal decision to close your account is a final

That mail make me down, stress, and don't know what to do. Then i'm searching for the alternative, how to make another PP account. I find some alternative such making new paypal account using different data (i'm planning to use my sister data) or borrowing my friend account to receive or send money (of course, i will give my friend a commision because i'm using him account).

But, when i read and read paypal ToS, i find that i can make maximal 2 account since it's personal and one more account is premium/business. Because my limited account is premium account, i still have a right to make one personal account. And, because i don't want to againts paypal rules, i'm asking about this to PP customer service. And i'm received reply that i can make it.

Days after i received that email, i'm making new bank account and new email. That is preparation to make new account. Because new account is need different financial information and email address. Well, it's make me busy but since it's solve my paypal problem, then it's OK.

With the new paypal account, i will more careful. I'll not do transaction with unverified member and always make a note in every transaction.

Thanks for reading my experience about paypal :D


So, it's not because i do transaction with unverified member. But, it's because i do transaction with the member who have limitation problem in their paypal account also. It's transaction with Ganang and GerrySabar (

But still, paypal tell me to upload invoices and supllier contact info. I got a problem here, i never use any invoice as far as i do online business and i have no supllier. So i can't give them the required document.

It has been one week of my paypal limitation, and it's make me uncomfortable...

I'm already send an email to explain my problem, but using my bad english. Hopefully they will understand what i wanna say.

My paypal account is limited

Ow, my paypal account is limited. Maybe it's because i do transaction with unverified paypal account member. Yeah, a month ago, i buy e-book titled 2 Dollar Secret. And i'm not check that the seller is unverified account member.

I need to upload some file such :
- Photo ID
- Proof of address
- Bank Statement
- CC Statement

I hope my problem is solve immediately. Without paypal account, my online business mean dead :((

What is your 2009 target?

What is your 2009 target?
This is mine :
1. Buy a laptop, my budget is $700
2. Loss some weight and shape up my body :D

Need to effort to afford it, please pray for me. In the last 2009, i will make evaluation post, if the target is reached or no :D