Something Wrong Inside My Body


Since 1 week ago, i feel something wrong in my body inside. My assumption is in a lung or my heart. I can make sure, because i'm not a doctor. But i feel a bit hurt when i do deep breath. Maybe it's because prev.month i often sleep overnight because too ambitious on winning webmasterpeers contest? Or maybe because 1 week ago i go with my friend to mountain with motorcycle but wear no bold enough jacket? Maybe...

There is some habbit when feel something wrong. I'm always measure my heart beat. But it's become bit hard when i should do 2 activities, to count heart beat and to count a time. Maybe i need Heart Monitor, so i can measure it easily. Is normal or no. Also, i'm become do healthly-life style hehe...But i think i should do it for a long time. Since my body is so weak.

Hopefully there is nothing wrong inside my body. I just wanna you support and pray for me :D. Thanks...!!!!