My Contest Report on May 2009

Hi guyz, "it has been a while since my last post" is the most oftenly written in this blog right? Hehe, I try to not write it anymore. But yeah, sorry for late update. But, who care? Since there is no subscriber/traffic, it's no longer a problem.

On May, i have very busy day because i'm participate on some contest. The contest is webmasterpeers top point contest, globalchatforum top poster contest, and on cpateen random winner contest. I win 2 of it, on webmasterpeers and globalchatforum. It's earn me about $300. Quite good, right? On cpateen, i don't know why the winner is not announce yet. The contest already ended 10 days ago at 1 June 2009. Contest and site holder is guy named Tristangemus. The prize is $100. Hopefully that contest not just a scam because i'm sure i win, i'm collecting 70% from total entry.

This month i'm also participate on contest again. And my target for this month is to earn 1.5-2x bigger than prev.month ($300). That's why i'm looking and participate on so many contest. Some of contest i participated this month : 2nd contest Globalchatforum, OMF Forum Contest, and Cavegoat. I'm alrady count it and if i win all, i get about $500+ , wow awesome amount, right? All is just by simple contest.

Pray and support me. I swear if i win at least $350, i will hold interesting contest here. Thanks...!!!!