Short post while busy :D


Hi all, it's has been a while. What i do right now which make this blog is contain no new post for a long time?
Well, searching money and college task is two main reason. I have busy day, tight schedule, to finish all of my college task.
Reason no.2 is about searching money. Yeah, i'm searching for money from internet. What kind of internet business i do?

I can't said that is a business, because it's not a business but still earn me a money. It's from participated in contest.
As you know, i'm treasure hunter and my main income is from joining contest. I'm still do it and i think i will do it for a long time since this way to earn $$ is easiest way. And, what contest i'm into now?

- Top poster at bestmusicforum
- Techxav drawing contest
- Pic upload contest
- planning to join viprapid contest

Just for information , last month i win about $150 and now my target for march is $200. Need some effort and time spended.
Hopefully i win...!!!!