My Resolution for 2010


Here we comes with my resolution for 2010. Yeah, the year 2010 is nearly come and i need to make target for that year. Without target, life is seem like have no color, no direction, not interesting, which mean so boring.

Before state my 2010 resolution, i wanna say that my resolution for 2009 seem too ambitious and too much. As result, i can say none of resolution point is done successfuly (I'm used to make at least 5 resolution point per year). So, i need to consider many things before making 2010 resolution.

With all consideration, this is my 2010 resolution :

1. Increasing my guitar skill. Learn at least one new arpeggio song every 3 month is a must do things...!!!
2. Establish 2 new blog and make it at least PR2 in the end of 2010
3. The last balance on my back account should be at least :,00 (Sorry but it's not approrpiate for people to publish their personal finance target)
4. Shape my body, six pack (at least, four pack)...!!!
5. Reduce sin by do many kind things :P

All point above is my temporary resolution. Haha, it's because this article created to finish my promise to some of my friend on Smartbloggerz blog. I make this article so quick :P. And because it's temporary, resolution may be changed in the future (but i make a limit, the fixed resolution should be published max at 15 January 2009).


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jjquimora said...

All of us have our resolutions every year! Well, I have one too. You have good points there. It's good you have clarified that they are just temporary. Haha.

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Guava said...
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Elfer said...

I think you gonna give resolution for next year and i see your resolution in 2010 is good direction.
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