Quick report - My Smartbloggerz Commenting Idol 2 Participation

Commenting contest is always interesting kind of competition since it's simple and easy. All you need to do is just make new comment or replying other comment to get point. A people who make the most of comment in a contest period will win a prize. And now, i want to share experience of my SmartBloggerz Commenting Idol 2 participation. Interesting is one word which can describe all what i feel after 14 days struggling to keep my position as #1 on list. Yes, there is many experience that i feel in this competition. A new friend, a tough competitor, read useful article, make and receive a critique, heartbeating when seeing the top commentator list, etc...All is in one contest :)

Start from 6th day, the tough competition is begin. There is a commentator named Senthil Ramesh which bombing the blog with a lot of comment. Day by day, he make more comment and now he is on #2 position. If on commenting idol 1, 90 comment is enough to be a winner, now it's no longer enough. Ninety comment should be created every 1-2 day to keep my position safe. Yeah, in order to realize it, i sacrify sleeping time from 5 to 4 hour everyday. Now, on 14th day, there is more tough competitors such Deepika and Jenn. It's tiring but interesting. I'm sure 2000+ comment already collected by Typhoon (Smartbloggerz admin). And maybe because that reason, he is closing some comment form for certain article. I think this achivement is the new record on the internet history...!!! Well, commenting on Smartbloggerz is not only for a chance of winning prize. It also giving me a lot of benefit such get link, friend, knowledge, and many more.

Now, i need to wait and effort for next 16th day. Can i hold it? I'm sure i can, since i'm aim for the first prize. And just for information, there is a contest beside top commentator contest. It's best promoter and best commentator contest, the prize is also interesting (cash + sponsor prize). Just take a look and make sure you're participate. I hope you're competing on top commentator contest also. Thanks...!!!


Vishal Sanjay said...

I guess its challenging to win on smartbloggerz, you would have tougher competition if my exam wasn't there, I know your gonna prosper in blogging.
Best of luck!!!

Chintan Bhavsar said...

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sjacobs26 said...

I enjoyed the reading. Keep up the good work....


Pinkpearls85 said...

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