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First impression : Don’t know why there is a lot of blog which using different blog name with it headtitle. It’s OK, not too many problem for me, but don’t know for the other. First impression of this blog is blog about working mom/carrier woman (I’m seeing the pic of girl on working haha…). Oh, I’m right, I see the tagline of this blog “Living the life of a full time mom, part time worrier).

Blog design : Deep green, deep brown, and light brown is colored this blog. Using 3 column template where the article place on left side of screen. No problem at all. But if I can advice, since the blog is seem to static/silent, please place some gif animation, or use animated mouse pointer.

Activity review : Love the activity. I’m should say that this blog is an example about what all blogger need to do, it’s updated daily :D. So, I can’t comment too much. Just see, on 2009, there is already 400+ article, what a great amount…!!! Two thumbs up.

Content review : It’s all about world of the life of this blog creator. No offense about it. Also with another blog about personal life, it’s their world and their point of view. So, I can’t opine too much of the content section.

Score : 7.3/10

To see the blog, click this url : Make or Break


Senthil Ramesh said...

Hi Akira, this is Senthil Ramesh. I just wished to contact u but I find no way. Hence this comment. BTW, I saw the comment count. To know more about it mail me at

Nick said...
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Nick said...

its a very nice article.

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