Plan for 2010 : More Active


I know i'm unactive in blogging, i know there is rarely update comes to this blog, and i know that's all which cause this blog is unpopular and not success.

Well, generally my problem can be categorized in this :
1. Blogger block (I just lazy...)
2. My english languange

I'm not going to explain per point since i'm sure you understand about it. Well, it's unneccesary to regret, but the most important thing is just change my habit an increase my english skill.

I'm planning to be more active and seriously jump into blog word on 2010, because i have so many free time in that year. I need planning, concept, and preparation to make a powerfull blog. What i need to do now is :
1. Read a lot of motivational book, to break my blogger block
2. Learn WP, i know this blog platform is not enough
3. Take an english class to increase my skill
4. Increase my general knowledge
5. Looking for your support

Just wait for 2010, i will announce my new blog.
The interesting part is, there will be monthly contest. So, just wait...!!!
Thanks :D


Sam Williams said...

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Geneve said...

have you already got your contest prize from anuragbhateja?

im really getting pissed because it always took him long time to say the results and give the prizes.

Smeeta said...

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