I'm participating on ReviveYourLife Contest

Revive Your Life site currently hold very interesting contest. Because the prize is laptop. Yes, for the winner, RYL will give Asus Eee

PC Netbook with Intel Celeron Processor. So interesting...!!!

What makes this contest more interesting is, to participate is easy. You required to subscribed to RYL and then your participated,

Wanna get bigger chance to win? Then you can do blog post, commenting, etc....

The detail are here :


Felix Albutra said...

nice blog. If you don't mine I would like to invite you to visit my blog. Thank you and good luck to all your blogging efforts...

Felix Albutra - SighNetDollars

Akira07 said...

Thx for commenting. Ok when i have free time, i will surely visit your blog.