SuperSway Blog Review


Hi all, after busy with my activity, i spend a little time just to reviewing SuperSway. SuperSway is internet marketing blog which write about tips, trick, and experience on doing money making online. I know the owner since 2008 and he is a great person. He's experienced on MMO and expert on flipping site business. That's why i believe content on SuperSway is high quality.

I'll not talk about the design since it's not become critical factor of getting traffic. The critical factor is a content. And about the content, Supersway provide great article which explained with simple word, so even newbie can understand. For example is when that blog write about flipping niche site which explained step by step. ANother great article is about 51 ways to get traffic, i love this post since it's make my knowledge about "how to get traffic" is increased. I can't say too much opinion about other article, because it's already good.

Another part is about opening-speed. Page by page on supersway can be generated so fast, even with dial up connection, this is good. The comment system have no moderation activated, and i love this. It's because in some blog, i find my comment is not shown in 1-2 days or even 1 week, maybe the owner of the blog is forget to moderate comment and i think it's so annoying.

My overall opinion for supersway is : eight from ten STARS (8/10). Update ; (5/10)

UPDATE : Too bad this contest is have lack of transparency. I'm sure i win but i lose...If you want detail, just contact me...


admin said...

another cheat blog contest.

Akira07 said...

No, i know swastik since a long time and the contest is real.

Genejosh said...

Sorry for the delayed response of your query about the contest's mechanics bec. I've been sick for a week. Here's what you asked:

Hii genejostory, i wanna participate but there is some point confuse me.

For "listing a sponsor" requirement, should i make a link to the sponsor site or only text is an enough?

If it's link, is there any instant code can be copied? Since if i make it manually, it will take too long time.

My reply:

Just simply copy the list of the sponsors with their links and paste in your "new post" and see to it that the word "compose" is highlighted not the "Edit html" and voila you can copy them all with the links already..If it still doesn't work for you juz let me know:)