Win 2nd prize at sitetalkzone contest


Sitetalkzone, at october, is held a contest which the 1st prize is $250 and for the 2nd place is hosting, banner, and domain. What all you need to win is just collect point. A people who have mostly point collected, win. Well, contest result is already announced at 2 November.

And i'm not win the 1st prize. What makes me shock is there is only 25 point different (or equal to 5x posting in STZ, 1 posting = 2 point). But it's OK since as 2nd winner, there still a prize. Swastik (forum owner) gimme 2 domain, lifetime hosting, and banner 125x125 for 1 month at STZ (you can see my bad banner design is already placed at STZ homepage :P).

In next contest, i will try my best and i hope this case is not happen 2 times. Because i think what make me lose in this STZ contest is because i'm lazy to posting and collect point.
Anyway, if you have contest information you can give me information. :D


Forsaken said...

Congrats Akira, you deserved to win the second place.