Familiar name in contest


I'm contest lover, trying to earning vy participating at many contest. You can call me as treasure hunter. Well, but i'll not discussing about "how to earn from contest" or something like that, i wanna tell you about side-story in participating on contest.

Contest is also makes me know many people outside there. And the funny thing is, wherever i go to participating in contest, there is always people that i know before, yeah, their also participating in previous contest which i've participate.

The name like BM, Sherry, Dhadha, Navjotsingh, is familiar for me. I'm go to contest A, their are is also there, contest B, it's same, contest C, it's same. Haha, it's sound that we're all contest lover....!!!!

Let's make treasure hunter group then :D


Forsaken said...

Well, you are also in the contest on Blogsivy with those names challenging you once again lol. All the Best!!!

Sherry said...

yeah now we know the familiar name in contest :)