Link exchange

Hi all, this site is opening for link exchange. Anybody who have blog with a same topic with this blog can link exchange with me. Well, this blog is not specific topic, this blog is about anything so your blog is must about anything also (blog with no specific topic). Just leave a comment here :D

Anyway, just wanna talking a bit about link exchange. Link exchange is a way to get link from other site to our site by placing other link in your site also. It's veru usefull to get PageRank. PageRank is google system which scoring the importance of the site, more PR is more good, that's mean your site is more important than the other.
But don't do link exhange with the site which have no same topic, because google will threat it as link farming/link spamming. Just play safe :D

Ok, all, that's a bit about link exchange, hopefully usefull and hopefully we can do link exchange :D