Starting From 20


Hi, all. Let me introduce myself, my name is akira07 and i live in Asia. My hobby is business online (but never success :p) and collecting japanese related stuff. Well, i make this blog in purpose to inspire, to inform, to share about anything especially my life. My english is not perfect but hopefully you will understand.

Why i choose from20[dot]blogspot? It's because i just reach my age of 20.
This blog is also available in indonesian languange :

Comment, suggestion, and critique is welcome....I need it :D
This is my first post, hopefully this blog will become popular and usefull someday. Thanks...!!!


Gerry said...

welcome to twenty something my buddy ;) by the way i'd like to say have never success than never success ;) never success means you'll not achieve success along your life while have never success means you don't achieve success till now but who's know in the future? ;)

Akira07 said...

yeah gray, i do mistake :D....
I should write : "not success yet" hehehe